Performance, Theatre

2021 Performer in Wheels:
Station Witness, Site Specific Performance, Theatr Bramat Goleniow (Poland), together with: Polish actors and Ukrainian acting students as part of: Bramat Festival 2021.2021 Performer in Wheels: Station Witness, Site Specific Performance, Theatr Bramat Goleniow (Poland), together with: Polish actors and Ukrainian acting students as part of: Bramat Festival 2021.
2019 Dancer, video artist in Wheels: Tumble – looking for the heart of things, theatre performance, Supermarkt der Ideen Oberhausen and University of Arts Kharkov (Ukraine), together with Ukrainian and Russian acting students as part of: PARADE Festival Kharkov. video „MEIOSIS“, HD 4 min. 54 sec, winner of the EVZ video competition 2020, video link
Director, performer in Perception VIII Part I. ICD-10 F41, F33, Part II. ICD-10 N80.39, Performance, 20 min., Kampnagel K1 Hamburg as part of a performance titled "Are you happy now?” (Performance Studies MA graduate presentations).
Performer, organiser in Nakt Interfest: Treffpunkt/Мiсце зустрiчi, theatre performance, Theatre of the Youth Kharkov (Ukraine), together with Ukrainian acting students, video link, behind the scenes
2018 Performer in Nathalie Dickscheidt: in = out (450 kcal), „quantified self” exhibition, Westwerk Hamburg, in the frame of: Westwerk.Schau Hamburger Performancekunst.
Performer in God's Entertainment: Neue europäische Tragödie Teil III, Performance, Schloss Büchsenhausen Innsbruck as part of: Innsbruck International Biennial of the Arts. Performer, organiser in Nakt Interfest: Грабiж/Plündern, theatreperformance, Kampnagel K1 Hamburg, with Ukrainian acting students, video here., behind the scenes
Performer in God's Entertainment: This is not Marina Abramovic?, Performance, Kampnagel Hamburg as part of: Spielzeiteröffnung 2018/19: State of the Arts, God's Entertainment / Support Act: Super Nase und Co – Operation Kampnagel.
2017 Codirector, Performer in KUNSTtransPORT: Futurama, theatre performance, Kulturlabor Stromboli Hall, Kunstwerkstatt Lienz, Bäckerei Kulturbackstube Bäckerei Innsbruck, Reutte and in public spaces at each performance location.
2016 Director, performer in KUNSTtransPORT: Perception IV, video performance, HD 15 min., exhibition displayed in windows in public spaces (Innsbruck, Hall in Tirol, Wörgl, Wattens, Landeck) as part of:KUNSTtransPORT It's ME facing Art, video link
2013 Director, performer in KUNSTtransPORT: Perception III 160 bpm, performance, 46 min., Palais Lobkowitz Salzlager Hall in Tirol, Lienz and Kufstein as part of: KUNSTtransPORT Druckausgleich, audio link
2012 Director, performer in KUNSTtransPORT: Perception II, video performance, HD 44 min. 22 sec., UniKunstBoot 150qm exibhition in an apartment in Innsbruck, Palais Lobkowitz Salzlager Hall in Tirol, die Bäckerei Kulturbackstube Innsbruck as part of: KUNSTtransPORT Egalität, video link

In her inter-disciplinary artistic work she is dealing with the performative tension between art and life, often inter/trans media, but always with a theoretical background. She is performing with her audience, alone and together with the collectives God's Entertainment, KUNSTtransPORT and the international theatre association Wheels. She danced with Mette Ingvartsen, Jochen Roller and Antje Pfundtner. Her work was awarded with the honouring price of Upper Austria and by the EVZ foundation.

Her artistic work was already shown in Austria, Germany, Ukraine and Poland. Since 2019 she is living and working in a self-built eco house community in Tirol.

2020 Dancer in Anna and Eva Müller: Wild Hunt, dance piece, dance video, ARGE Kultur Salzburg, Dachsbau Innsbruck, as part of: tanz house Festival Salzburg.
2019 Choreographic assistance in Eva Bernhard: Danced Passion – St. John Passion, dance piece with students, live orchestra and choir, Ansgar Kirche Hamburg as part of: Danced Passion Albert- Schweitzer-Schule.
2017 Director, performer in Perception VI, dance performance, 13 min., Studiobühne Universität Hamburg as part of: application piece for MA Performance Studies University of Hamburg.

upcoming Perception V, photography, large format
2015 o. T. (2015), Oil paint on cardboard, 24x17 cm
2014 KUNSTtransPORT: Études Simples III – VI, aquarelle on photocopied paper, 21x30 cm, exhibited as part of: KUNSTtransPORT Tatenspeicherung, Palais Lobkowitz Hall in Tirol, Spielraum Innsbruck, Lienz.
2011 KUNSTtransPORT: Martin Mader and Miriam Tiefenbrunner: “                    “; experimental video, HDV, 43min. 3 sec.; exhibited in form of an installation as part of: KUNSTtransPORT Translation Palais Lobkowitz Hall in Tirol and die Angewandte tiefentanz Elektro Gönner Vienna, videolink
2010 Coworker in art.migration: blicksicher.kein boden unter den füßen, participative art intervention, with: Barbara Huber, Christian Streng and students of the University of Innsbruck as part of: Medientagung Universität Innsbruck, art.migration.
2009 Coworker, videoartist in Reizend!: Miss Handelt, Public video project: a media project about violence in relationships (Austria) – videoclips and Gesprächsstoff  , honouring award of Upper Austria.

2019-2021 Collaboration in an ecological building project: community self- construction of a barn and turning it into three residential units with clay, straw, wood and lime,
2016-2017 Project coordinator and curatorial assistant at the Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, Contemporary Art Gallery (20 hours per week)
2012-2017 Presenter and editor for Kulturton, the culture & education channel on Freirad (work contract)
2011-2012 Kulturton Coordinator and Editor at Freirad (part-time): Setting up the broadcasting channel, the programme and the editorial team, public relations, ...
Organisation of various art & culture events, also internationally, script & continuity, assistant director, dramaturge & choreographer in film, theatre and contemporary dance, art, performance & dance mediation, guitar lessons, exhibitions, dancer and performer for various, also original productions, internationally.

2017-2019 Master's degree in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg: Theories of the performative, dramaturgical and choreographic practice in contemporary dance, performance and theatre, educational pedagogy and didactics, cultural management.
2017-heute Contemporary Dance lessons with Eva Müller: improvisation, contact improvisation, presence, dancing techniques, choreographic sequences
2008-2016 Comparative Literature Study Programme at the University of Innsbruck, graduated with distinction. Main focus: Film, theatre & media studies in theory and practice, literary & cultural theories as critical discourse tools, trans- & intermediality, contemporary art in its interactions with society.2012-today Intensive yoga practice with Kathrin Bielowski: dynamic yoga training method, spiral dynamics, breathing school according to Ilse Middendorf
2011-2017 Further training in journalism at Freirad, the free radio station in Innsbruck: editorial training, media and copyright law, voice and speech training, ...
1996–2012 Training in classical guitar with teachers at the Innsbruck Music School, Tyrolean State Conservatory and Mozarteum University Salzburg: music theory, solo, ensemble, orchestra and band, as well as numerous concerts.

2020 Master's thesis: Performance, Performance, Performance! Collisions in Mediation in the Neoliberal Performance Age, University of Hamburg
2019 artistic research on Austrian glacier mummy Ötzi and his tattoos
Co-editor of a practical booklet on warm-ups, finding material, choreographic work and reflection. “perFORMative VERMITTLUNG” University of Hamburg, Department of Theatre Pedagogy, Performance Studies, with Franca Burandt, Kattalin Newiger
2017 artistic research on pornography
2016 Diploma thesis: The Art of Attention. On Presence in Marina Abramovic's Performance “The Artist Is Present” towards a Negotiation of Presence as Present, University of Innsbruck 2015 scientific research on Roland Barthes’ “Mythologies”
2013 artistic research on politics in theatre
artistic research on self-optimization
2011 artistic research on Subalternity (Spivak), Third Space (Bhabha)

2019-2020 graduate scholarship University of Hamburg

2020 winner of the EVZ video competition2009 honouring award of Upper Austria

2021 Tyrolean Artists Association
2019 international theatre association Wheels
2018 theatre collective God's Entertainment
2011 inter-disciplinary art collective KUNSTtransPORT

// performance, contemporary dramaturgy, contemporary dance,    art // aesthetics, dramaturgy, and effects of perception // extended mediality of contemporary art // sociology of performative art // cultural, sociological, and political theories

Mag. Miriam Tiefenbrunner, MA
Reichenauer Straße 65
6020 Innsbruck

0043 677 63780530
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